About Us

Bayside Distributing was founded in 1948. Its first location was in an old mill building on the tidal portion of the Lamprey River in Newmarket. At the time there were at least six companies distributing beer in the seacoast, none with any large market share. Many of Bayside's brands from 1948 no longer exist. The building was old, and inefficient, with low ceilings and uneven wooden floors. In many places the river was visible thru the floor. Cases were unloaded from tractor trailers one at a time.

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In the early 70’s the business moved to Durham into a more efficient building and some of the tasks were streamlined. Fork trucks and cement floors made the warehouse job a lot easier. Bayside bought two other small wholesalers and expanded geographically. We also got into the soft drink business. We outgrew the building, and in 1985 we moved to Brentwood. A long way from the bay. In our current location we have continued to evolve and to grow. We acquired additional brands, we sold off some unproductive territory and we expanded our building twice and we realized that our business future was not in soft drinks. While in this building the competitive environment changed significantly, and now Bayside is one of two distributors which handle approximately 99% of the beer sold in our marketplace.

While the brands we sell have come and gone in the almost 75 years since our founding, and our business has become more automated, some things remain the same. Much of our sales effort is unchanged. Salesmen deal with our customers on a face to face basis each week just as they did at the company’s inception. Drivers still make deliveries within 24 hours of the sales call. Live people still answer our phones. We strive to provide the most complete possible service in our industry consistent with sound business practices, and we attempt to make our company a good place to work. We believe Ben Franklin when he said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.

We are focused on providing complete customer satisfaction, serviced by well-trained company personnel, in an environment that recognizes and rewards teamwork and commitment towards our shared goals.